Filtre IR-Pass (77mm)

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Filtre de haute qualité IR PASS

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X-Nite Infrared filters block all visible light letting only infrared light pass. Cutoff is 630nm, 665nm, 715nm, 780nm, 830nm, 850nm and 1000nm and IR band pass.  These filters are for use on cameras that are infrared sensitive.  Filters are constructed of optical precision ground and polished glass.  Filters above 715nm appear completely black to the human eye.

glass is manufactured to ISO 2002 standards in Germany.  The glass is optical quality, cut, ground and polished to MILSPEC standards.  You can’t buy a higher quality glass than the glass in an X-Nite Filter.  The filter is constructed of two part metal rings and full sized pure glass.

  • White LED’s will not work because the white LED doesn’t emit infrared.

Calibration recommandée

Lors de nos tests de cinématographie infrarouge en couleur, nous avons trouvé que certains filtres offraient un meilleur résultat avec ces balances de blancs particulières:

FiltreWhite Balance
590nm (Goldie)2650K Tint +46
630nm (Pinkie)3000K Tint +47
665nm (Enhanced Color)Noir et blanc
715nm (Standard)Noir et blanc
850nm (Deep IR)Noir et blanc