Tiffen Pearlescent (77mm)

$15.00 /jour

Filtre récemment conçu pour préserver les images nettes produites par les caméras haute résolution tout en produisant de douces halations autour des objects les plus lumineux. Purifie les imperfections sur les peaux tout en gardant une nettetée dans les yeux.


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Description de Tiffen

This line of filters have been designed to create sharp images produced by today’s high resolution cameras and lenses. Even at its lowest strength of 1/8, the components that go into making up a pearlescent get to work on producing a lush, velvety look to the images.

The rich, lush and glamorous look of a pearlescent takes effect cleaning out the fine detail in the skin, while an apparent sharpness remains in the eyes. It is also worth noting that the halation effect on the Caucasian skin tone is more apparent than on the African American skin tone. However the end result on both skin tones in the close ups is a pleasing, beautiful skin complexion.